Amavi Planta is a research based wellness and ethnobotany blog

Amavi Planta is Latin for “I love plants”, and why wouldn’t you!? They surround our day to day, creeping into even the most forgotten about corners. Humans have a profound reliance on plants, a relationship going beyond just food and environment. The clothes we wear, scents that follow us, and medicine we take have all been inspired, if not directly produced, by plants!

I carry the belief that due to a disconnect between science and botanical history, the average household does not fully understand, or even trust, natures wonders.

Through Amavi Planta I hope to bridge this gap. Helping us become more aware of what our green neighbors provide, but also more present of the role we play in our own bodies, community, and environment.


William Shakespeare

“Our bodies are our gardens –    our wills are our gardeners.”

About me

Herbal medicine and education are my passions.

I'm currently a PhD Candidate getting a degree in Natural Products and Human Health. My research is on creating a plant based concoction that may replace synthetic sterilants (think hand sanitizer 2.0). I work a lot with traditional herbal plants, as well as various fungi and bacteria.


Although I enjoy herbs and microbiology, I spend my few free moments playing the piano or reading. Under typical circumstances you might find me enjoying a walk around my hometown in

Queens, NYC.

I hope you enjoy the blog and might learn along the way. If you have any questions, or just want to connect, you can reach out to me at